We work with the best startup enablers from across the globe.

The Startup League has partnered with renowned startup enablers from across the globe to provide their incubated startups exclusive & special access to benefits that will help them elevate their startups to the next level. Our partners are offered attractive sponsorships, are promoted at leading tech events and are also given special mentions in our press releases on leading startup portals.

Founder Space

Founders Space is an international incubator, accelerator and educator. It has offices in America and Asia and over 50 partners worldwide. It is dedicated to helping exceptional entrepreneurs grow their startups, get funded, and go global. 

Founder institute

The Founder Institute is the world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs.


Whub is on a mission to unleash startups full potential through meaningful connections with discovering talent, investors, business deals and other startups.

Startup Bus

Equal parts hackathon, road trip and global community, StartupBus is an annual competition designed to empower the tech community – challenging top tier talent to hop on a bus and conceive, build and launch a startup in 72 hours.

Welcome Startup

WELCOME is working hard to break down the barriers between 5 different major EU startups ecosystems (Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca). Teaming up with local partners present in these ecosystems to identify and engage the most relevant players of the tech entrepreneurial world and connect them with prospective, emerging and successful tech startups.

Sprint Pirates

Sprint Pirates strips down the hype to focus on business model traction. At the end of the day it’s all about growth and customers. It is for this reason that they have developed a 6 week sprint program, focusing on experiment design and growth of validated business models. Each Sprint Pirates startup is focused on sustainable product market fit, and progress.

Blockchain Space

Block Chain Space is a focused startup accelerator for talented visionaries creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology.

The Collectivespace 1212

The Collective 12 | 12 is a redefinition of coworking. THeir strong community is a diverse group of amazing people who support each other’s passion, while reaching for their dreams.


STARTUPS.BE is the one stop shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurship. They help tech entrepreneurs to be successful by providing quality access to service providers, business partners, customers, and investors.

Startup Pirates

An 8-day pre-accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs, with a very hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs


Runway is an incubator, home to nearly 85 startups. Leveraging over a dozen partnerships with Fortune 2000 brands and its international network of cutting-edge innovators, Runway is launching a series of funds, accelerators, and events to support startups.


muru-D is the global startup accelerator backed by Telstra, and runs programs in Sydney, Singapore, Brisbane and Perth. It aims to support the very best tech entrepreneurial talent that the Asia Pacific region has to offer, by providing​tailored acceleration services​, investment to early stage technology companies​ and mentoring​ ​through an establish​ed​ network of partnerships.


Loop is a community that gives access to the world’s best collaborative spaces and people. Their citizens enjoy the freedom to travel, the ability to work from anywhere, and the opportunity to collaborate wherever they go.


Highway1 is a premier hardware startup accelerator that help startups move through their challenges and reach a looks like, works like prototype ready for funding.

Fabrica de STARTUPS

Fabre De Startups is an accelerator of companies that aims to create new startups in Portugal, targeting the global market, and enable them to grow quickly and become successful examples in their respective fields.


TIM corporate accelerator selects, finances and accelerates the best digital startups. It is a part of the TIM Open Innovation Programme.

HQ Raleigh

HQ Raleigh, is creating an environment that will empower others to create purpose-driven businesses and to leave the world better than they found it, and are addressing two major challenges that entrepreneurs face: building a trusted support community and gaining access to flexible, affordable office space.


Tumml’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. With a hands-on approach, Tumml provides entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale their impact and enhance quality of life in cities everywhere.


The UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto is the basic structure of supporting the transfer of knowledge between the university and the market, designed to support the third mission of the University of Porto – the economic and social value of the knowledge generated.

Tandem Innovation

Tandem Incubator is the newest Incubator in Lisbon Startup City, catering specifically for Mobile and AR/VR startups.

Startup Braga

Startup Braga is an innovation hub designed to assist the inception and development of high potential entrepreneurial projects for international markets.


The go-to space for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Self-Starters


ArcticStartup is helping to build communities with uncapped opportunities through media, events, PR and consulting since 2007.

Rocket Hub

Rocket HUB is a new office community for creative freelancers, startups and innovative companies offering them exciting coworking spaces where they can meet, work and collaborate in the beautiful city of Lisboa.

Jaaga Startup is a friendly, collaborative bunch that works together. They solve problems better by sharing skills and knowledge with each other.


Tech Ranch brings entrepreneurs from all stages together to fill in the missing pieces and leverage the social capital of the community of practice they’ve created.


The Largest Startup Event in the US with Over 35,000 Attendees!


Europe’s leading tech festival, the Next Web Conference won the award for the Best European Business Conference in 2016.

Founder Shield

Founder Shield was created with one goal: to take the stress out of buying insurance for innovative venture-backed startup companies. They’re on a mission to take a broken and confusing experience and create the most seamless and informative insurance purchasing process available.


Kapowza is a full-service creative agency located in Baltimore that provided graphic design, website, and video marketing support to startups and other mid-size companies. They help make brands, and what they do, more interesting.


Based in Lisbon, Beta–i is one of the main entrepreneurship and innovation organizations in Europe.


Global INcubationSERVices (GINSERV) is a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and a business accelerator operating from Bangalore. GINSERV works closely with foreign companies looking to setup Indian operation as well as Indian start-ups that show a great degree of promise.


Building Global Innovators is an American Style, world class deep tech StartUp accelerator from ISCTE and MIT Portugal

Startup Lisboa

Startup Lisboa supports the creation of companies and track their first years of activity. Founded in 2011 by the Lisbon Municipality, Bank Montepio and IAPMEI, it’s a private non-profitable association that provides entrepreneurs and companies office space as well as a support structure.

EDP Starter

EDP Starter is a business incubation program managed by EDP Innovation, the innovation unit of EDP – Energias de Portugal. It’s the ultimate program to support your project in the energy industry, from idea stage to venture capital investment.

Nest Collective

Nest is a collective of {product studios} who have created a new model for company: collaboration. Together, they build products for clients and for themselves.


IEUA was created in 1996 and its mission is to encourage and support the creation, development and sustained growth of new companies, by promoting capacity building, offering work areas, equipment, services and a network of partners geared towards creating value.


CeSIUM is a Center of students of Computer Engineering of the University of Minho composed by volunteer students whose main objective is to represent and promote the course.

Porto Design Factory

Porto Design Accelerator is the Porto Design Factory, and Porto City Hall’s’s leading initiative to support innovation in the design based consumer goods industry through the entrepreneurial creation, launch and growth of design centric startups.

Porto i/o

Porto i/o is the coworking space of reference in Porto. If you are looking for a great place to work from, with an amazing environment, a talented community, that is beautifully located and that provides amenities and services suitable for developers of the digital world, Porto i/o has it all.


Created in 1991 through a University of Coimbra initiative, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is a private non-profit organisation which promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the connection between the scientific and technological environment and the production sector.

Vodafone Power Labs

In conjunction with Audax-ISCTE, Vodafone Portugal has created the Vodafone Power Lab Program. This program seeks to raise projects presented by informal groups of people or startups, with an expected end result is in line with Vodafone’s business strategy and activities.


The Wave is the newest integrated business platform – 24/7 co-working space, private work space, event areas, pop-up stores and F and B floors, all under one roof.


Wynd co-working space is a place where top talents worldwide gather to live their dreams in career and leisure. A platform to synergize the talents and opportunities offered by the city for entrepreneurs, innovators, and pioneers alike.


RISE is produced by the team behind Web Summit. One of the most exciting startup events in Asia, RISE 2017 was host to over 580 startups.


One of India’s largest network of co-working spaces, propogating the concept of Pro-WorkingTM that focuses on People, Proximity and Performance


India’s only large format shared office space provider. Cowrks introduces you to three things, carefully designed for your business – incredible workspaces, infectious energy and an ingenious network to tap into.


EntrepreneurHK (EHK) is a private non-profit organization that works with startup leaders and the HK government with a view to build and improve Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. The organization was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Billy Yuen.


Hong Kong’s tech startup community!


Zocus is a strategic marketing agency, taking innovative products from China and delivering them to the American market

Startup Ignition

Startup Ignition is an entrepreneur bootcamp which includes actual implementation of learned tools and skills, that prepares entrepreneurs, founders, and teams to properly launch a company and take the right steps towards mitigating risk and increasing success.


StartupLab MX seeks to create the right conditions and environment for Mexican entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into high impact businesses, generating value for their investors, partners and the community in general. This through incubation programs, workshops in entrepreneurial education and publications focused on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


SEED – Startups and Entrepreneurship is a startup acceleration program created by the State Government of Minas Gerais, Brazil.The goal of the program is simple: to transform Minas Gerais state into the largest technological entrepreneurial hub of Latin America by supporting early stage startups scale and grow their business in Brazil and Latin America.

DFW Excellerator

DFW Excellerator is a Dallas-based business incubator and accelerator program serving Dallas-Fort Worth and the International entrepreneur communities.With more than 20 years of experience in technology transfer, venture creation, M&A and equity investment, the advisory board has access to thousands of incubators worldwide including China, Japan, Ireland and Germany.


Eleva8or helps startups prepare for due-diligence to attract capital from savvy investors from around the globe and also helps investors by giving them exposure to new and emerging Startups that fit their investment profiles.


EV Hive is a coworking space in Jakarta and Tangerang, offering knowledge sharing and community building as its core value. Through events and workshops by their network of entrepreneurs and tech communities, they help local startups grow their businesses.

GHV Accelerator

GHV Accelerator stands for Green House Ventures Accelerator. Green House is a controlled environment where accelerated growth of plants help to increase the yield of the plants even in non-seasonal phase. On the lines of Green House, GHV Accelerator provides startups with a controlled environment, optimized & appropriate resources, along with sustainable funding, helping them grow multifold in a shorter timeframe.


As a Startup Accelerator and Corporate Innovation partner in Istanbul, Hackquarters provides access to the global startup ecosystem in multiple sectors such as Fintech, IoT, Travel, Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, Sales & Marketing and many more.


Innov8 Coworking is the first of its kind Thought space in India that encourages community engagement of like-minded individuals from any space, whether they are founders, investors, freelancers, creators or just want to work in a highly productive zone.


Investopad is a platform for growth and provides early stage startups access to practical support, mentorship, and early stage capital. They work hands-on with their portfolio teams and leverage their deep-reaching network of experienced entrepreneurs to help them be the best.


WiCoWork is a Coworking Space and a network of local business and business tools that are committed to the new lifestyle of mobility and independence.


Parallel18 hosts innovators from around the globe and helps them scale from Puerto Rico to global communities beyond the Island.They build initiatives within the program that lead to growth and help foster entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico. So far Parallel18 has accelerated over 48 startups and helped them grow their global footprint.

91 Springboard

91springboard is a vibrant coworking community created for startups, freelancers and business owners with a startup mindset. With spaces in multiple cities across India, 91 springbaoord aims to disrupt conventional ideas of office spaces and build an ecosystem where business can thrive and grow through collaboration and networking.


BLOCK71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies. It is an ecoystem builder and global connector which catalyses and aggregates the start-up community, as well as spearheads new initiatives and provides mentorship and growth opportunities in local and global markets.

The Desk

The Desk is a co-working space provider that provides a range of flexible plans and pricing for private offices, desks, meeting rooms and events space at Sai Wan and Causeway Bay in Hoong Kong.

The Work Project

The Work Project is a global coworking space operator setting new standards in workspace design.Located in the heart of Hong Kong, their mission is to create oworking spaces and serviced offices that are beautiful in form and high-performance in function.


The Commons was formed to support small businesses, freelancers and telecommuters in Williamsburg and the surrounding towns, with the long-term goal of growing a healthy local economy.


Espacio is a Medellin based incubator with a media portfolio spead across all the major continents. Espacio has a mission of transforming the media and PR business and establishing Medellin as a hub of innovation and transformation.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play Indonesia is the Indonesian chapter of one of the largest acclerator programs in the world. They run programs in 11 different industry-specific verticals (inc. Fintech, IoT, Retail, Mobility, Insurtech, Health, etc) and have successfully impacted the lives of hundreds of early-stage startups.

GnB Accelerator

GNB Accelerator is a renowned startup accelerator based in Indonesia that provides a 4-month all inclusive program with access to materials, resources, office space and the potential to raise upto 50k in funding. In the few years since the program was launched, GNB has built a diverse portfolio of companies that spread across multiple industry verticals.


HighTechXL empowers those within or outside of a company to turn their ideas into a reality – to make an impact. As an accelerator which has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, they support companies in developing the skills, learning the method and using the right tools necessary to grow their business.

Iconic Offices

Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, operating 14 locations in Dublin, with spaces ranging from 1 to 500 desks and prices to suit start-ups right through to billion-dollar companies. These workspaces are backed up with a high-quality service, robust IT systems and are complimented by a range of meeting rooms, exclusive lounges and experienced administrative support.


Komune is 18,000 sq feet of inspirational coworking space located in the heart of Bangsar South City in Kuala Lumpur. One of Malaysia’s premier office space provider, Kommune provides a wide variety of options to freelancers, start-ups , SME’s and large scale companies.


LimeHK is a premier accelerator based in Hong Kong which aims to provide a personalized program for early and mature stage startups to learn, survive and raise seed funding for it’s development.


L Marks is a tech investor based in the UK. They help startups connect and win business from major corporates in order to accelerate their company growth and drive innovation in key sectors like transport, financial services etc.


Maria 01, based in Helsinki, is home to the next generation of tech teams that work side by side with venture capitalists, established companies, and the extended ecosystem to help each other succeed in the competitive startup environment.

Mucker Lab

Mucker Lab is an accelerator program run and operated by Mucker Capital which invests in seed and “pre-seed” stage companies building defensible and scalable businesses in Internet software, services and media.


Startdock is a co-working space based in Amsterdam which aims to build co-creating communities on the common fundaments of joint growth, friendship, complementarity and entrepreneurship. They achieve this by facilitating the perfect working environment for startups, freelancers and independent professionals.

Talent Garden

Talent Garden is the place where digital and technology professionals work, learn and connect.Founded in Brescia in 2011, Talent Garden is Europe’s leading innovation platform and coworking network for digital innovation. Today Talent Garden has 23 campuses in 8 countries hosting thousands of talented people, including startups, freelancers, companies and large corporations.


Strategically located in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, SuperCharger is the first FinTech accelerator program dedicated to both early-stage and growth-stage startup companies aiming to capture the Asian growth market.


SUP46, located in the heart of Stockholm, was founded in 2013 to gather the startup community. Through the world-class ecosystem of investors, advisors and partners, members are offered a competitive advantage. SUP46 is home to more than 60 startups that are at the forefront of tech and innovation in their respective industries.

Idea Village

The Idea Village formalized in 2002 as an independent nonprofit dedicated to engaging the New Orleans community to embrace innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking. The Idea Village has established itself as a globally-recognized leader in developing place-based entrepreneurial ecosystems and as one of the top 20 startup hubs in America.

Hype Asia

Hype is a venture builder that helps startups launch in Asia. By leveraging their local market expertise, operation networks, and proven experience they partner with Founders and Investors to scale their business into pan-Asia markets.

Startup Devkit

StartupDevKit is a new type of online incubator and accelerator. They empower early-stage founders with support and a community of startup founders on Slack, plus tons of the best curated and original startup resources all organized in one place – their membership platform’s Startup Incubator Kit.


Betatron invests in promising startups, refines their business models and fast-tracks them to grow and scale over an intensive four-month period. Through their platform, they provide funding, hands-on support, and unprecedented network access to drive business outcomes.


Campfire Collaborative Spaces is Asia’s fastest growing network of shared spaces. With real estate at a premium in most major cities, Campfire provides reliable and flexible sites and every tool or service to maximise utilization.

Naked Hub

Rooted in Hospitality and invested in Technology and Community, naked Hub is growing to become Asia’s largest Co-Working brand. Home to start-ups, SMEs and MNCs across all industries, their innovative and beautiful workspaces are home to a diverse community of companies and individuals who interact, collaborate, and do business with one another.

Khosla Labs

The Khosla Labs team of entrepreneurs comes up with several ideas to test and experiment. These projects get prototyped through in-house design and technology teams, and are pilot tested on the ground to get feedback and market validation. Based on the project traction and business plan, the project gets funded by the Khosla Ventures seed fund and a new company gets spun-off by the lead entrepreneurs from the lab.


Hubud is a collaborative working space home to a diverse community of local and visiting creatives, techies, entrepreneurs, business folks and changemakers


Ooosh For Startups, founded by entrepreneurial enthusiasts, is a coworking space that connects business and tech talents. Ooosh nurtures startups to grow from 0 to 1, giving you more than just desks and chairs.


With over 600 sq metres of desks and office space, Outpost hosts a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers that balance work and living perfectly. Outpost’s mission is to provide the space, support and teamwork to ensure their members are as productive and content as imaginable.


Paperclip Startup Campus is Hong Kong’s first mentoring-focused cowork space which uniquely combines: Startup and innovation programs, incubator, co-work and office spaces. By giving easy access to proven and world-class programs, community and partners, Paperclip seeks to democratize entrepreneurship across the world.

Startup Oasis

Startup Oasis is a Jaipur based incubation centre that is developing an ecosystem in Rajasthan to inspire and support students, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to solve persistent problems, develop breakthrough innovations and create world class enterprises


SEEDSPOT surrounds new entrepreneurs with education, training, support, and connections to take their concepts from idea to scale. From back-of-the-napkin ideas to companies in revenue, SEEDSPOT has programs that help entrepreneurs create more impact.

The Hive

The Hive is a netwrok of co-working spaces spread across Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With over 15 locations across South East Asia and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, SME’s, large businesses and freelancers, The Hive is the perfect location for professionals looking for flexible workplaces to maximize their productivity.

Union Space

Unionspace helps companies grow in Southeast Asia. Their end-to-end business and space solutions empower companies to thrive on their platform. Union Space transforms buildings into beautiful workspaces by infusing it with lots of bright and talented people, awesome technology, engaging events,workshops and meaningful services.

Worq is a collaborative co-working space in Kuala Lumpur that focusses on maximizing the productivity of all its members by leveraging each other’s experience and resources.

Refresh Miami

Refresh Miami is a community of hackers, early adopters, entrepreneurs and change artists. Their mission is to be a hub of inspiration and resources for people who develop innovative solutions, seek new technology and chase down dreams. With 9,000 members and a following of nearly 20,000, they are the largest tech and entrepreneurial community in South Florida.



If you are an incubator, accelerator, co-working space, or any form of a startup enabler, do get in touch with us and let us make magic together!

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